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 Name: Amanda
Age: 14
Location: Dover, NJ
How long you've liked FOB: 3 or 4 years. or 3 1/2. ha.
Favorite song(s): Love will tear us apart, Calm before the storm, chicago is for lovers, the (after) life of the party
Favorite bands: The devil wears prada, underoath Fall out boy (of course) AFI, Hawthorne Heights, Paramore, The Hush sound, cobra starship, taking back sunday, my chemical romance, alexisonfire, The Academy is.. Flyleaf, the endless hallway, from first to last, sonny moore, 30 seconds to mars, the used
Interests: Music, writing and drawing and reading whil listening to music. and looking at Joe pictures, haha.
Who you want to meet: other fans that love music, hehe.
How you found this community: I searched Joe Trohman, and this group came up, and I was like 'oh deece.'
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