Emily (__lost_x3) wrote in fob_meetup,

Hey, kids!

Name: Emily
Age: 18
Location: Attending school in St. Petersburg, FL; home is Venice, FL
How long you've liked FOB: about 5 years forever
Favorite song(s): Basically everything from FUTCT (especially Nobody Puts Baby in the Corner and XO) Tiffany Blews, Headfirst Slide Into Coopestown On A Bad Bet, Thriller, Saturday, Grenade Jumper, and recently: Alpha Dog
Favorite bands: Fall Out Boy (duh) and Paramore are my two faves.
Interests: Music, photography, politics, graphic design, sleeping (that can be an interest, right?)
Who you want to meet: Just, LJ friends or something. But if you live in the area, I'm always in need of a good show or two
How you found this community: falloutboylove
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