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hey :)

Name: Sara :)

Age: 18

Location: Chicago, IL

How long you've liked FOB: mid 2004

Favorite song(s) : most of FUCT, homesick at space camp, grand theft autumn, tell that mick, 27, west coast smoker, w.a.m.s, she's my winona

Favorite bands: fob, the used, mcr, blink 182, bring me the horizon, i'm all over the place really :)
Interests: going to shows, hanging out, interwebz, learning bass haha, fashion, Art, music, & more i can't think of
Who you want to meet: someone who likes the same kind of music as me lol most of my friends are ONLY into hip hop & pop-ish type of stuff. i like those too (uh hello Lady Gaga) but its not what i listen to always :) & they don't usually wanna go to different things that involve some of my bands. or just other people to hang with who have some things in common with me

How you found this community: falloutboylove
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