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Fall Out Boy Meet Up - a way to meet kids' Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Fall Out Boy Meet Up - a way to meet kids

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hey. [29 Dec 2009|09:44pm]

[ mood | tired ]

Name: Rachel
Age: 15
Location: Altoona, PA
How long you've liked FOB: since '06.
Favorite songs: Grand Theft Autumn, G.I.N.A.S.F.S., Sophmore Slump, I'm Like a Lawyer, and 20 Dollar Nosebleed.
Favorite bands: The Beatles, Panic(!) At The Disco, The Young Veins, Fall Out Boy, Cobra Starship, Breathe Carolina, The Cab, Cartel, The Academy Is..., Flogging Molly, Death Cab for Cutie, The Composure, Green Day, My Chemical Romance, and many more.
Interests: Playing music, reading, painting.
Who you want to meet: that Italian boy.
How you found this community: just searching.

hey, let's meet up!

hey :) [29 Dec 2009|04:58pm]

[ mood | bored ]

Name: Sara :)

Age: 18

Location: Chicago, IL

How long you've liked FOB: mid 2004

Favorite song(s) : most of FUCT, homesick at space camp, grand theft autumn, tell that mick, 27, west coast smoker, w.a.m.s, she's my winona

Favorite bands: fob, the used, mcr, blink 182, bring me the horizon, i'm all over the place really :)
Interests: going to shows, hanging out, interwebz, learning bass haha, fashion, Art, music, & more i can't think of
Who you want to meet: someone who likes the same kind of music as me lol most of my friends are ONLY into hip hop & pop-ish type of stuff. i like those too (uh hello Lady Gaga) but its not what i listen to always :) & they don't usually wanna go to different things that involve some of my bands. or just other people to hang with who have some things in common with me

How you found this community: falloutboylove

hey, let's meet up!

Hey, kids! [17 Oct 2009|01:39pm]

Name: Emily
Age: 18
Location: Attending school in St. Petersburg, FL; home is Venice, FL
How long you've liked FOB: about 5 years forever
Favorite song(s): Basically everything from FUTCT (especially Nobody Puts Baby in the Corner and XO) Tiffany Blews, Headfirst Slide Into Coopestown On A Bad Bet, Thriller, Saturday, Grenade Jumper, and recently: Alpha Dog
Favorite bands: Fall Out Boy (duh) and Paramore are my two faves.
Interests: Music, photography, politics, graphic design, sleeping (that can be an interest, right?)
Who you want to meet: Just, LJ friends or something. But if you live in the area, I'm always in need of a good show or two
How you found this community: falloutboylove
hey, let's meet up!

Lookin for some FOB hommies! [29 Nov 2008|10:41pm]


Name: Ciara
Age: 12, 13 in 4 more monthes!!!!
Location: Stokesdale, North Carolina
How long you've liked FOB: ive liked FOB songs for a while, but didn't really know who they were till about 2 years ago
Favorite song(s): i dont think there are any of their songs i dont like, ext. the new one, what a catch, i just can't get into it
Favorite bands: please dont make me chose
Interests: agin, why make me chose, im interested, or can get interested in just about anything
Who you want to meet: YOU!
How you found this community: ramdom searching.

hey, let's meet up!

hey! [08 Nov 2008|12:55am]

[ mood | dirty ]

Name: Elisa
Age: 26
Location: Hollywood, CA
How long you've liked FOB: 5 years
Favorite song(s): Hum Hallelujah, Short Fast and Loud, everything off "Take This To Your Grave"
Favorite bands: Chinese music, such as Mao and the Red Book, and Xaio the Zynxfaitur.  Also, Tom Waits, David Bowie, Elivs Costello, MC Hammer.
Interests: writing haikus, eating with chopsticks, communism.  I also enjoy the sound of the pounding rain in the rainforest and the monkeys screeching like they have roid rage.  It soothes me.
Who you want to meet: The poor suckers who think they have a chance with my man.
How you found this community: I'm a creep.

1 new friends made <3 hey, let's meet up!

[26 Nov 2007|05:45pm]

[ mood | blank ]

 Name: Amanda
Age: 14
Location: Dover, NJ
How long you've liked FOB: 3 or 4 years. or 3 1/2. ha.
Favorite song(s): Love will tear us apart, Calm before the storm, chicago is for lovers, the (after) life of the party
Favorite bands: The devil wears prada, underoath Fall out boy (of course) AFI, Hawthorne Heights, Paramore, The Hush sound, cobra starship, taking back sunday, my chemical romance, alexisonfire, The Academy is.. Flyleaf, the endless hallway, from first to last, sonny moore, 30 seconds to mars, the used
Interests: Music, writing and drawing and reading whil listening to music. and looking at Joe pictures, haha.
Who you want to meet: other fans that love music, hehe.
How you found this community: I searched Joe Trohman, and this group came up, and I was like 'oh deece.'

hey, let's meet up!

[12 Nov 2007|03:16pm]

How long you've liked FOB:2 years
Favorite song(s):This Ain't a Scene,it's an Arms Race,etc...
Favorite bands:Lots.Nirvana,Green Day,My Chemical Romance,etc.
Interests:music,photoshop,and tons others haha...
Who you want to meet:Anyone who's going to the Young Wild Things Tour on November 30th in Sacramento ;D
How you found this community:from falloutboylove
hey, let's meet up!

wow I haven't posted in here in forever [02 Sep 2007|03:22am]

Anyways, with the new tour dates coming up I'm having to roadtrip out of my city (yea I know, I do this all the friggin time for FOB but I've never had a tour where they didn't come through my hometown :() so here's my updated questionnaire (as the last one was completed in 04). You can catch me at the Champaign, Nashville and Cedar Rapids shows. If any other St. Louis kids wanna road trip to any of the above shows just let me know and maybe we can work something out :)

Name: Ashley
Age: 22 (I'll be 23 in 3 weeks)
Location: St. Louis, MO
How long you've liked FOB: 4 years
Favorite song(s): I'm so addicted to new Cartel and new Envy on the Coast right now so anything off that, as for FOB - Of all The Gin Joints, Grenade Jumper, Chicago is so Two Years Ago, Hum Hallelujah...the list goes on
Favorite bands: go to my Last.fm profile for a gander of what I listen to
Interests: shows, meeting new people, straight edge, road trips
Who you want to meet: anyone in the St. Louis area who's as bummed as I am about them not coming to St. Louis for the first time in 4 years
How you found this community: I made it :)
hey, let's meet up!

Rachel [25 Aug 2007|11:19am]

[ mood | lazy ]

Name: Rachel
Age: 23 (ok, in a month)
Location: MS
How long I've liked FOB: about a year
Favorite Songs: Golden, Get Busy Living or Get Busy Dying, I've Got A Dark Alley..., Dead on Arrival, The Pros and Cons of Breathing, You're Crashing But You're No Wave, etc....
Favorite Bands: My Chem, The Beatles, Paramore, Flogging Molly
Interests: Writing, reading, music, movies, etc.
Who I want to meet: Hmm, well, it would be nice to 'meet' people from my state. I haven't seen a big FOB following around here. I'd like to talk to anyone, though.
How I Found This Community: Lurking around...

hey, let's meet up!

Hello [22 Aug 2007|05:16pm]
[ mood | weird ]

Name: Shannon
Age: 13
Location: PA
How long you've liked FOB: about a year
Favorite song(s): almost all of them! lol
Interests: Patrick...
Who you want to meet: a good friend who dosnt think that FOB is emo and gay (all my friends think that...)
How you found this community: my friend....

hey, let's meet up!

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