spandex_sex (spandex_sex) wrote in fob_meetup,


Name: Elisa
Age: 26
Location: Hollywood, CA
How long you've liked FOB: 5 years
Favorite song(s): Hum Hallelujah, Short Fast and Loud, everything off "Take This To Your Grave"
Favorite bands: Chinese music, such as Mao and the Red Book, and Xaio the Zynxfaitur.  Also, Tom Waits, David Bowie, Elivs Costello, MC Hammer.
Interests: writing haikus, eating with chopsticks, communism.  I also enjoy the sound of the pounding rain in the rainforest and the monkeys screeching like they have roid rage.  It soothes me.
Who you want to meet: The poor suckers who think they have a chance with my man.
How you found this community: I'm a creep.
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