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Fall Out Boy Meet Up - a way to meet kids
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This was created so that kids would have a way to find other Fall Out Boy fans in their state/town and make new friends whether they be real life or strictly LJ. It's a more personal community than falloutboylove.

The rules are pretty simple
1. Be nice and respectful to eachother. If someone likes a band you hate or wants to only meet certain types of kids keep your rude comments to yourself. This is a way to find kids YOU want to meet, not to bash ones you don't.
2. No community or band spam.
3. The only thing I really ask is that when posting you post a short biography of yourself so that other kids can see what you're into. An example of this would be
How long you've liked FOB:
Favorite song(s):
Favorite bands:
Who you want to meet:
How you found this community:

Feel free to add anything on to that.

4. Have fun!

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